Using KPIs and Custom Reports to Track Business Progress

Tracking your sales and key performance indicators (KPIs) is crucial if you want to save time and grow your business. You need to know how to track your progress toward achieving your business objectives. Looking at things like revenue and profit on a balance sheet can only take you so far; you should continually seek more [...]

Patriotic Music for Your Fourth of July Celebration!

From all of us at Cozby & Company, have a happy and safe Independence Day!!

May We Never Forget Freedom Isn’t Free

This Memorial Day, may we remember that freedom isn't free. Let us pay tribute by honoring the fallen, remembering the brave, and reflecting on the high cost of those cherished American freedoms that so many take for granted.

Need More Time to File or Pay Taxes?

If you owe taxes but can't pay in full by the April deadline, you should file your tax return anyway. Pay as much as you can and request an installment agreement for the rest. That's because an extension of time to file is not an extension of time to pay. However, if you need more time [...]

Help for Taxpayers

Do you have a tax question? If so, start with the “Help” link at the top of There you’ll find lots of useful information, whether you’re filing your tax return, checking on your refund, looking for payment options, wondering about coronavirus tax relief, need a tax transcript, or have any other tax questions. You can [...]

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