Gift Card Scam

Remember: gift cards are for gifts, not for making tax payments. Many people give gift cards as a convenient gift for any occasion. Scammers use gift cards to steal your money. Here's how this usually works: The scammer may call you, impersonating an IRS agent, or contact you by text, email, or social media. The criminal [...]

Understanding Taxes When a Family Member Signs the Paycheck

This article was published by the IRS. Many people work for a family member, whether it's a child helping out at their parent's shop or spouses running a business together. When someone is employed by a family member, the tax implications depend on the relationship and the type of business. It's important for taxpayers and employers [...]

Appealing An Examination Dispute

If IRS increased how much you owe, such as through an audit, and you disagree, in most cases you may be able to appeal the IRS' decision. The IRS Independent Office of Appeals, sometimes referred to as Appeals, is a separate organization within the IRS. Their mission is to resolve tax disputes fairly and impartially. They [...]

IRS Reports Significant Increase in Texting Scams; Warns Taxpayers to Remain Vigilant

This article was published by the IRS. The IRS is warning taxpayers of a recent increase in IRS-themed texting scams aimed at stealing personal and financial information. Recently the IRS has identified and reported thousands of fraudulent domains tied to multiple MMS/SMS/text scams (known as smishing) targeting taxpayers. IRS-themed smishing has increased exponentially. Smishing campaigns target mobile [...]

Preparing for Disasters

It's important to think about hurricanes, tornadoes, and other disasters so you're prepared in case they happen. This includes safeguarding your tax forms and other financial records. First, you could take advantage of electronic record keeping. See if you can receive your bank statements and related documents by email. For paper documents such as W-2s and [...]

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