Tips on Managing Open Invoices and Getting Paid Faster

Setting up the right reminders within QuickBooks can help keep cash flow moving, which is critical in scaling your growing business. One of the most awkward and uncomfortable situations in business is having to remind clients about late payments on a bill or open invoice. Even harder is trying to respectfully request immediate payment without the [...]

How to Organize Your Chart of Accounts in QuickBooks

A chart of accounts is a list of the account numbers and names relevant to your company. The 4 primary groups in a standard chart of accounts are Asset, Liability, Income, and Expense. This video contains some helpful tips in how to organize them in QuickBooks or QuickBooks Online to make your small business’ financial information [...]

Welcome to QuickBooks Time

Time is your most valuable resource. It can't be renewed or reimbursed. So why waste it? QuickBooks Time's cloud-based employee time tracking and scheduling solution puts critical minutes back in your hands. Employee hours are instantly accessible by admins and business owners. Schedule your workforce with ease and get to-the-second info about who's working and where. [...]

Understanding deferred tax assets and liabilities

Deferred tax assets and liabilities may be terms you’ve seen added by your accountant to your small business balance sheet. They are financial items on a company’s balance sheet that exist because the income on the tax return is different than the income in the accounting records. Learn how to evaluate, make sense of, and take [...]

QuickBooks Checking: Small Business Banking Reimagined

QuickBooks Checking is a bank account reimagined for small business. It allows your money to work for you right in QuickBooks Online. Time is money. QuickBooks Checking is not just fast; it's instant. As soon as invoices are paid online or you take a payment with the card reader, funds are available. Then as money comes [...]

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