IRS Authenticated Collection Voice Bot

The IRS began using English and Spanish voice bots on some of its toll-free help lines in January 2022. Since then, IRS is continuing to add voice bots to additional toll-free lines while also expanding what these voice bots can do to help taxpayers. The newest feature available for those who are eligible is to use [...]

IRS Appeals

The IRS Independent Office of Appeals is a separate organization within the IRS. Did you know that you have the right to dispute most IRS decisions like penalties, liens, or increases in how much you owe? In most cases, you can request an appeal if you disagree with an IRS decision. The Appeals office will hear [...]

8 Essential Accounting Equations Every Business Owner Should Know

It's usually a given that you didn't start your small business because you love accounting. Even if you have someone else handling your accounting, it's essential to keep your finger on the pulse of your business' viability, as it will help you to be better equipped to manage your business. QuickBooks helps to demystify accounting by [...]

Preparing for Disasters

The Atlantic hurricane season begins on June 1. It's important to think about hurricanes, tornadoes, and other disasters in advance so you're prepared in case they happen. This includes safeguarding your tax forms and other financial records. First, you could take advantage of electronic record-keeping. See if you can receive your bank statements and related documents [...]

How to Pay Your Taxes

There are several easy ways to pay your taxes: online by phone, cash, check, or money order. To pay online, you can go to your online account at and make a payment from your checking or savings account. You can also view the amount you owe; any payment, history, or activity; and other account information [...]

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