Economic Impact Payments Being Sent by Prepaid Debit Cards, Arrive in Plain Envelope

This article was published by the IRS. As Economic Impact Payments continue to be successfully delivered, the Internal Revenue Service is reminding taxpayers that some payments are being sent by prepaid debit card. The debit cards arrive in a plain envelope from "Money Network Cardholder Services." Nearly 4 million people are being sent their Economic Impact [...]

IRS Phone Scams

This video was published by the IRS. If you have a phone, there's a good chance that some day you will be called by a phone scammer. Watch out for phone scammers pretending to be the IRS. In most cases, first contact from the Internal Revenue Service will come in the form of an official notice [...]

Town of Plymouth’s “COVID-19 Daily Update” – May 20, 2020

In this week’s Wednesday episode (May 20, 2020) of the Town of Plymouth’s “COVID-19 Daily Update,” Heather Cozby reported that stimulus payments and unemployment payments are in full swing now. There are approximately 10 million stimulus payments that have not gone out yet, of which approximately 4 million will be sent out as pre-paid debit cards. [...]

Who Can Get More Economic Impact Payment Money for Children?

This article was published by the IRS. Millions of Americans have already received their Economic Impact Payments as the IRS continues to automatically send payments to more individuals. Eligible taxpayers who filed tax returns for either 2019 or 2018 will automatically receive their payment. The IRS will calculate the amount based on the income, filing status [...]

Avoiding Economic Impact Payment Scams

This video was published by the IRS. Be on the lookout for scams that use the economic impact payments and other IRS relief efforts related to the coronavirus as cover to steal your information and money. The IRS has seen scammers trying to prey on vulnerable taxpayers who are unaware of how the payments will reach [...]