IRS Webinar: Form 1099-K Third Party Payment Network Transactions

People can now access a free recording of the 2023 IRS Form 1099-K webinar. This webinar has important info for both tax professionals and for anyone who receives a Form 1099-K, including people who use popular payment apps and online marketplaces. The webinar covers: Friends and family transactions. How to report 1099-K amounts on a 2023 [...]

IRS Announces Sweeping Effort to Restore Fairness to Tax System with Inflation Reduction Act Funding

This article was published by the IRS. Capitalizing on Inflation Reduction Act funding and following a top-to-bottom review of enforcement efforts, the Internal Revenue Service has announced the start of a sweeping, historic effort to restore fairness in tax compliance by shifting more attention onto high-income earners, partnerships, large corporations, and promoters abusing the nation's tax [...]

New Massachusetts Form PC Filing Requirements

Effective September 1, 2023, Massachusetts Division of Charities no longer accepts a paper copy of Form PC. They have a new electronic filing system on their website called the Charity Portal. This system does not interface with any professional tax preparation software and the entire Form PC will have to be manually entered by a third-party [...]

How to File a Return and Remit a Contribution for Paid Family and Medical Leave​

This video tutorial shows an employer how to file and pay a Paid Family and Medical Leave return in MassTaxConnect. Follow the step-by-step instructions to learn how to navigate the online system. Paid family and medical leave (PFML) is a program designed to help people in Massachusetts take paid time off of work for family or [...]

Filing Information Returns Electronically with the IRS

If you file 10 or more information returns to the IRS - like a 1099 - you are now required to file those returns electronically. You can file them using the Information Returns Intake system, also known as IRIS. Using IRIS is a quick and easy process that also helps reduce common errors that can happen [...]

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