meals taxWhen?

Beginning with the July 2024 period, the Meals, Food & Beverage (MFB) account type will replace the Meals Tax (MLS) account type for reporting and remitting sales tax on meals.

  • A new certificate with the MFB account type will be mailed to each location to be posted at that location upon receipt.
  • If you are required to make an advance payment by July 25, 2024, you will pay using the new MFB account type.
  • Your July 2024 return, due August 30, 2024, will reflect the new MFB account type.

What other changes will there be?

  • If our records indicate that you have an MLS account in MassTaxConnect, we will automatically register you for a new MFB account type before the July 2024 period.
  • Your MLS account will still be available for filing or amending returns and paying tax for periods before July 1, 2024.
  • Businesses with multiple locations will have one MFB account and will file a single return that includes all locations starting with the July 2024 period.

What do I have to do now?

Nothing for now. We wanted you to know about the MassTaxConnect changes coming for the July 2024 period. We will continue to provide you with timely information.

What else should I know?

  • How-to video tutorials will be available soon with instructions for filing returns and obtaining certificate registrations.
  • An Excel template will be available for the July 2024 period for taxpayers with multiple locations under one account to file a return. This option will replace the current bulk file method.
  • Please make a note to grant access to your new MFB account in MassTaxConnect as needed before any filing or payment due dates.