Communicate with IRS Office of Appeals using Secure Messaging

Wish there were a faster way to resolve your appeal? The Independent Office of Appeals now has an easier method of communicating with taxpayers—IRS Secure Messaging. With this service, you (and/or your authorized representative) will be able to send and receive messages and digital documents related to your appeal quickly and easily. Once invited by an [...]

Introduction to Instant Deposit with QuickBooks

From nights to weekends to holidays, running your business never stops. With Instant Deposit from QuickBooks Payments, neither will your money.  Payments made instant! Instant Deposit lets you access eligible funds immediately, no matter what time or day you get paid.  It's cash flow that's always on, even when banks are closed. Cut out deposit delays [...]

May 16 is Filing Deadline for Many Tax-Exempt Organizations

This article was published by the IRS. The Internal Revenue Service is reminding tax-exempt organizations that many have a filing deadline of May 16, 2022. Those that operate on a calendar-year (CY) basis have certain annual information and tax returns they file with the IRS. These returns are: Form 990-series annual information returns (Forms 990, 990-EZ, [...]

Will Advance Child Tax Credit Payments Affect Any Government Benefits Someone is Receiving?

It’s important to know whether the advance Child Tax Credit (ACTC) payments will affect any government benefits you may be receiving. The short answer is “no.” That’s because ACTC payments don’t count as income when a program is determining if you or anyone else is eligible for benefits or assistance. They also can’t use the payments [...]

Errors Employers Should Avoid When Requesting Advance Payment of Employer Credits

This article was published by the IRS. Employers who are filing Form 7200, Advance Payment of Employer Credits Due to COVID-19 should read the instructions carefully and take their time when completing this form to avoid mistakes. Using a reputable tax preparer – including certified public accountants, enrolled agents or other knowledgeable tax professionals – can also help [...]

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