Use Non-Filers Online Tool to Register for Economic Impact Payment

This video was published by the IRS. Most eligible individuals receive their Economic Impact Payment automatically. However, some eligible Americans with incomes that do not require them to file a tax return, including some Americans experiencing homelessness, will need to submit information to the IRS by November 21st to receive their payment. The IRS has a [...]

Saving vs. Paying Down Debt

Saving and paying off debt are both important aspects of a healthy financial plan. But which do you do first? Here is a good rule of thumb. If you don't have any savings at all, start with saving $1000 to cover unexpected expenses that life inevitably throws at you. The last thing you want to do [...]

Personal Finance 101 – 5 Steps to Successful Budgeting

Here are five simply steps to successful budgeting: Income - List all sources of income, whether it be a regular paycheck or  irregular income streams. Expenses - Know and document your regular and irregular expenses. Prioritize Wants vs. Needs - Make a list of all of the things you spend money on each week and each [...]

6 Ways to Supersize Your Nest Egg After Age 50

If you are past the age of 50 and stressed about your retirement savings, you don't have to worry. The following tools will help you maximize your retirement even at your current age. If you are 50 or over, you are eligible to take advantage of catch-up provisions in the tax code. For example, if you [...]

Your Account on

This video was published by the IRS. The IRS is working hard to serve you better. One way they are doing this is by offering access to some of your Federal Tax Account information online. Just visit to get started. You can access these features: Your balance and details, if you owe federal taxes. Links [...]

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