IRS Announces Sweeping Effort to Restore Fairness to Tax System with Inflation Reduction Act Funding

This article was published by the IRS. Capitalizing on Inflation Reduction Act funding and following a top-to-bottom review of enforcement efforts, the Internal Revenue Service has announced the start of a sweeping, historic effort to restore fairness in tax compliance by shifting more attention onto high-income earners, partnerships, large corporations, and promoters abusing the nation's tax [...]

Earned Income Tax Credit

Millions of workers qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit for the first time due to changes like the birth of a child. Visit for more details.

Get to Know the Earned Income Tax Credit and How it Can Help You

If you work and have low to moderate income, be sure to look into the earned income tax credit - also known as EITC. It can put money in your pocket. The first thing to do is check out There, you'll discover the credit can be worth thousands of dollars for some people. The amount [...]

Earned Income Tax Credit—Get it Right

Many workers with low-to-moderate income may be eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit, also called EITC. To get the credit, you must meet some basic requirements, but if you qualify, it can mean a bigger refund. The amount of the credit you can get depends on your income and family size. Families with at least [...]

Where’s My Refund?

So you've filed your tax return and now you're wondering, "When will I get my refund?" If you e-filed your return, you can go to after 24 hours to check on its status using the "Where's My Refund?" tool. You can also use the IRS2Go mobile app. It usually takes 21 days to get your [...]

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