From Markers to Face Masks, Classroom Supplies May Be Tax Deductible

This article was published by the IRS. Teachers go above and beyond for their students, often buying classroom supplies needed to make learning successful. The educator expense deduction allows eligible teachers and administrators to deduct part of the cost of technology, supplies and training from their taxes. They can only claim this deduction for expenses that [...]

Are You Making Extra Cash Selling Stuff or Providing a Service?

If you get paid electronically for a side hustle, small business, or selling things online, you may need to pay taxes. Payment apps and online marketplaces might issue a Form 1099-K, informing you and the IRS of how much money you got for selling things or providing a service. If you make a profit through these [...]

New Voluntary Disclosure Program Lets Employers who Received Questionable Employee Retention Credits Pay Them Back at Discounted Rate

This article was published by the IRS. As part of an ongoing initiative aimed at combating dubious Employee Retention Credit (ERC) claims, the Internal Revenue Service has launched a new Voluntary Disclosure Program to help businesses who want to pay back the money they received after filing ERC claims in error. The new disclosure program, which [...]

Taxpayer Advocate Service: Dedicated to Helping Taxpayers

This article was published by the IRS. The Taxpayer Advocate Service is an independent organization within the Internal Revenue Service. TAS protects taxpayers' rights by striving to ensure that all taxpayers are treated fairly and know and understand their rights under the Taxpayer Bill of Rights. Here's what all taxpayers should know about their rights and [...]

Choose a Tax Preparer Wisely

Tax preparers see a lot of personal information from their clients. If you pay someone to do your taxes, know that most preparers are honest and trustworthy. Each year, however, some taxpayers suffer financially because they make a poor choice of who their taxpayer is. Here are some tips to help you choose: First, find out [...]

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