How to Appeal a Penalty

This video tutorial will show you how to appeal a penalty on MassTaxConnect. The first step is to log in to MassTaxConnect and select the "More" tab. Select the "File an Appeal" hyperlink in the "Other Actions" panel. Read the information in the "Start Your Application" section carefully so that you can properly submit your appeal. [...]

Meet Max, MassTaxConnect’s New Virtual Assistant

Meet Max, the new virtual assistant on MassTaxConnect, dedicated to answering your Massachusetts tax-related questions. Next time you're on MassTaxConnect and have a question, click on Max's picture in the top right corner. Max can answer questions and point you to additional information. He's available 24/7. Visit Max today at

Applying for Emergency Paid Sick Leave Reimbursement

Beginning July 8, 2021, and until September 30, 2021, or the exhaustion of $75 million in program funds as determined by the Commonwealth, employers may apply for reimbursement of the costs of providing emergency paid sick leave. This video will walk you through the application process for reimbursement of the costs of providing emergency paid sick [...]

How Can I get a Copy of a Return I Filed?

Wondering how to get a copy of a state individual tax return you have filed in Massachusetts? First, log in to MassTaxConnect. Locate the Personal Income Tax panel and select the "Returns" hyperlink. Select the year-end date for the return period you are requesting. Select the "Request a Return Transcript" hyperlink in the upper right-hand corner. [...]

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