Easy Steps to Protect Your Computer and Phone

 This video was published by the IRS. Thieves are working 24/7 to steal your identity. Here are some quick and easy steps you can take to protect yourself online: Use security software for computers and mobile phones and set it to update automatically. Use strong and unique passwords for all accounts. Use two-factor authentication whenever [...]

IdentityTheft.gov Helps You Report and Recover from Identity Theft

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0GGDKL7TVPo]Today’s world is more connected than ever. While this is generally a good thing, it also increases the likelihood that your personal information can end up in someone else’s hands, which can lead to identity theft. The first signs of identity theft can be subtle, or they can be blatantly obvious. You may notice an [...]

Strong Passwords Help Keep Tax Data Safe

The following article was published by the IRS. Passwords are often the key to guarding access to personal information and data stored on computers or sent over email. Because most taxpayers file their returns electronically and access account information online, it is critical for taxpayers to not only create strong passwords for all tax-related accounts, but [...]

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