Renting vs Buying a House: Pros and Cons

Having your own space is an important part of adulthood. But how you secure that space depends on a lot of factors. In some situations it makes sense to purchase and own a home; in others, renting makes more sense. Here are some pros and cons to each scenario: When you are a renter, there's only [...]

Pay With Cash at a Retail Partner

This video was published by the IRS. Here is the information you should know about the only way that you can pay your Federal Taxes with cash at an approved participating retail store. The instructions are available at It generally takes up to 7 business days to process your cash payment. For that reason, be [...]

Part-Time and Seasonal Jobs

This video was published by the IRS. Students and others often get part-time or seasonal jobs to earn extra money or to save for later. But many people don't know that they may have to report and pay taxes on their income. When you start a job, you need to fill out a Form W-4, which [...]

Day Camp and Other Child Care Expenses

This video was published by the IRS. When school's out on break, what do you do with your children? If you send them to a day camp, the money you pay may qualify for a tax credit when you file your taxes. This means you might get some money back. That's because day camp expenses can [...]

Use Non-Filers Online Tool to Register for Economic Impact Payment

This video was published by the IRS. Most eligible individuals received their Economic Impact Payment automatically. However, some eligible Americans with incomes that do not require them to file a tax return, including some Americans that are experiencing homelessness, will need to submit information to the IRS by October 15 to receive their payment. The IRS [...]