How to Save for an Emergency Fund!

An emergency fund takes time and discipline to build, but you don't need to be a rocket scientist to learn how to track your expenses and save money. Some simple calculations will help you determine what you are able to save each month, and as a result, how long it will take to build an emergency [...]

9 Ways to Build an Emergency Fund When Money is Tight

Having an emergency fund is an important piece of a financial plan. Never has that piece been more important than it is now. But how do you build such a fund with the crisis that exists around us? Here are 9 paths to get there: Vision board. Create a visual plan that is attainable and is [...]

Savings Tips for Building an Emergency Savings Fund

As the events of the past few days have shown us, life can be extremely unpredictable. This inevitably affects our finances as life seems to spiral at times. This is a prime example of the importance of an emergency fund. An emergency fund is a financial safety net that is used to cover unplanned expenses so [...]

How Not to Borrow Money

 When it comes to most things in life, there's a smart way to do it and a not-so-smart way, especially when it comes to money. In no particular order, here are some not-so-smart ways to borrow money: Payday Loans - These loans specialize in serving those with few other options. Interest can reach 10-20% per [...]

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