Having an emergency fund is an important piece of a financial plan. Never has that piece been more important than it is now. But how do you build such a fund with the crisis that exists around us? Here are 9 paths to get there:

  1. Vision board. Create a visual plan that is attainable and is something you can see spelled out.
  2. Friends & family. Get support from those near and dear to you to help you stay on track.
  3. Penny saved, penny earned. Save every penny, nickle, dime, quarter, and dollar you can find. This adds up over time!
  4. Weekend warrior. Working an extra job on the weekend may not be fun, but it does lead to extra money in the bank.
  5. Parting ways. Are you getting rid of anything? See if you can sell it instead.
  6. Hand off. See if you can temporarily reduce your 401k contributions and move the extra into savings.
  7. Pass the buck. Have you gotten a raise or a bonus? If not, ask for one. Then pass it into your savings.
  8. Double time. Use your overtime, holiday pay, or bonus to kick-start your emergency fund.
  9. It’s your money. Convert your tax refund into an emergency fund.

These may seem like a lot of random ideas, but they all can potentially yield results. Chase after one, combine a few, or make a game out of it. Either way, the worst thing that can happen is some more money in your pocket to save for emergencies.