Taxpayers who Support Dependents Should Check Their Withholding Now

The following article was published by the IRS. Taxpayers who support older dependents should head over to the Withholding Calculator on and do a “paycheck checkup” ASAP. They can use the calculator to make sure they are having their employers are withhold the right amount of tax from their paychecks this year. The Tax Cuts [...]

Retirees with Pension Income Should Do a Paycheck Checkup ASAP

The following article was published by the IRS. Retirees should do a Paycheck Checkup to make sure they are paying enough tax during the year by using the Withholding Calculator, available on The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, enacted in December 2017, changed the way tax is calculated for most taxpayers, including retirees. Because of [...]

Paycheck Checkup

[youtube]Approximately one year ago the tax laws went through some significant changes. These changes, which went into effect in 2018, have a direct impact on the amount of federal taxes withheld from your paycheck. The IRS encourages everyone to do a paycheck checkup to ensure you are having the proper amount withheld from your paycheck. [...]

Resources on Help All Taxpayers Understand Tax Reform

The following article was published by the IRS. is a great place for taxpayers to visit when they have questions about the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The legislation, which was passed late last year, includes changes to many areas of the tax law. Here are some of the resources on that will help [...]