IRS EITC in 2021

This video was published by the IRS. If you didn't make a lot of money last year, you might be able to claim the Earned Income Tax Credit when you file your taxes. You don't need to have any children to qualify, but if you do, the credit could be worth several thousand dollars. To qualify, [...]

Tax Return Errors-Tips to Avoid Them

This video was published by the IRS. Did you know that if there are mistakes on your tax return, it can take longer to get your refund? Worse yet, you may owe additional tax. Many common errors can be avoided by going slowly as you walk through each step of preparing a tax return. One example [...]

Get an Identity Protection PIN

The following video was published by the IRS. Worried about an identity thief filing a tax return in your name? The IRS can help protect you. It's called the IRS Identity Protection Pin, or IP PIN opt-in program. The IP PIN is a six-digit number known only to you and the IRS. An IP PIN helps [...]

How to Manage Stimulus Money

Many have started receiving their stimulus checks over the past few days, while others are about to get them any day now. But what should you do with the money once you get it? In the current state of uncertainty with this pandemic, financial experts suggest first taking care of your bills, putting food on the [...]

Financial Tips for the End of the Year

As we approach the end of 2020, it is the perfect time to assess your current financial situation. Here are five areas to focus on this week during the last few days of the calendar year: Assess Your Goals. If you have a financial plan, this is the perfect time to determine what you accomplished, as [...]

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