If you’re a landlord, you may find that occcasionally you need to deactivate a property from your MA DOR room occupancy consolidated account. Here are the steps to do so:

  1. Log into MassTaxConnect.
  2. Locate your Room Occupancy Consolidated account panel and choose “View Operator’s Properties” in the account subpanel. Here you will see the property or properties that you have registered.
  3. Choose the “Manage” hyperlink for the property that you want to deactivate. You will see the certificate details. Under the management options heading, choose the radio button for “I want to cease this property,” and choose “Next.”
  4. Under the “Cease Rooms Certificate” heading, enter the date that you are deactivating this property and choose “Submit.” This is the Change ROC Confirmation.
  5. Choose “OK” to go back to the home page.
  6. Review your changes by selecting “View Operator’s Properties.” You’ll see the deactivated property under the “Ceased” heading. If you made a mistake or would like to reactivate the property at a later date, simply choose “Manage” next to the property.

If you are no longer in the business of offering rooms for rent, it is best practice to cease your Room Occupancy Consolidated account.