Holiday gift giving can be quite challenging, especially when you are trying to buy for those friends or loved ones who already seem to have everything. But in reality, those who seem to have everything really don’t after all.

You can never have too much of two things: fun experiences or time.

  • Fun – Consider giving someone something thrilling like a race car driving experience, a hot air balloon ride, or a session swimming with dolphins. Those experiences are memorable, but they can be expensive. Not everything fun needs to be costly, however. Hiking, picnicking, going to a game or a play; these are all experiences that most anyone would enjoy and typically won’t break the bank.
  • Time – It goes as no surprise that most people would love to add more hours to their day as there never seems to be enough time. Consider offering to clean out the garage, detail a car, run errands, make a meal, or more! These gifts don’t cost a thing except for your time. But you free the recipient up to be able to use their time for other more important things.

So as the holiday shopping season starts to wind down, allow yourself to think outside the box. Material items do make special gifts for the right person. But in some cases there is no replacing experiences and the gift of time.